Month: March 2020


Construction: Possible Indicator of Problem Credit Booms

Posted by March 29, 2020

In Spain, private sector credit as a proportion of GDP practically doubled between 2000 and 2007. This increase occurred in parallel with a boom in house prices, which doubled in real terms during the same period. The economy as a whole also grew at an unprecedented rate. But in 2008, the credit bubble in Spain burst, and the shock wave left a trail of bad…

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What is a business loan?

Posted by March 20, 2020

    A great number of specialist concepts are used in banking and broadly defined finance, and a large number of them may be unclear to those not associated with this sector. Most people are undoubtedly familiar with terms such as mortgage or payday loan, but confusion can be caused by the phrase “business loan”, which is much less common. So what is business credit?…

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