Credit for dentures – save in the right place

Credit for dentures is an issue for you if you expect quality from your dental treatment. Of course, everything is cheaper than the German dentist offers. But not if dentures are as durable and comfortable as natural teeth should be.

We do not suggest that you accept cheap offers from abroad for your crown, bridge or dental implant. We would like to encourage you to save by comparing credit. We compare the loan from the dental practice easy with a direct bank loan.

Credit for dentures – save in the right place

Credit for dentures - save in the right place

The range of modern dentists ranges from veneers to implants to full dentures. The household budget can often just bear a single measure, such as crowning a tooth. If several teeth are in need of treatment, credit for the dental prosthesis can be avoided without saving on material or the laboratory. Loan requirements are in a range of around 2,000 dollars’ own contribution, up to 15,000 dollars for 4 implants.

Of course, people who calculate with the sharp pencil immediately think of a vacation in Asia with cheap dental treatment. In 2016, a crown in the Philippines only costs the equivalent of around 60 dollars (including dental treatment). In Thailand or China, the price is 80 dollars – 120 dollars for dentures and treatment costs. Only quality and guarantee are of course not available at this price.

Anyone who has had the experience of a dental treatment holiday will learn to appreciate German dentistry and German laboratories. For high-quality dentures, the only credit option left is the credit for the dentures. Inquiries about credit are increasingly being answered by dentists with a flyer for special dental loans. The working principle is simple. Patients with normal good credit ratings apply for the loan by post. Approved loans are settled directly.

Special loan from the waiting room versus direct bank loan

Special loan from the waiting room versus direct bank loan

Modern loan applications can be quick, uncomplicated and inexpensive. The special credit scores in comparison through direct billing with the doctor and the laboratory. Compared to the direct bank loan, this saves two online transfers. However, the credit for the dentures from the free credit comparison beats the special offer, however, with the convenience of applying.

Instead of going to the post office twice to apply for the special loan, it is possible to use a credit comparison calculator without leaving the house. In terms of the speed of the procedure, the direct bank credit for dentures is also ahead of the special offer. Modern credit is requested via Good Finance. Modern online credit is paid out within approximately 48 hours, provided that the creditworthiness is sufficient to provide credit.

Special credit is only granted if the dentist and the laboratory have connected to the special provider. Another point goes to the direct banks, because neither the laboratory nor a specific dentist is required for lending. But in the end, it is the cost of financing that matters. We compare 2,000 dollars (single tooth) and 15,000 dollars loan amount. (Comprehensive dental treatment with four implants).

Credit comparison 2,000 dollars for the dentist

Credit comparison 2,000 dollars for the dentist

At a rate of 170 dollars per month, the special offer presents in comparison. 2,000 dollars could be financed for the dentist and laboratory bill with a term of 12 months. For this, the provider (source rate calculator on the homepage) charges a total of 40 dollars interest. The special provider states the effective annual interest rate according to § 6a PAngV at 2.90 percent.

If financed for 24 months, the effective interest rate would rise to 6.90 percent. For 2,000 dollars of dental credit with a 24-month term, 160 dollars of interest would have to be paid. The monthly rate is reduced to 90 dollars. We feed a free credit comparison with the same numbers.

The credit comparison calculator calculates the monthly installment payment with a term of 12 months and a loan amount of USD 2,000 at USD 168.27. The annual percentage rate, regardless of creditworthiness, is 1.79 percent. A total of 19.29 dollars interest would have to be paid. With a term of 24 months, the effective interest rates remain at 1.79 percent. The installment payment is reduced to 84.88 dollars per month. A total of 37.20 dollars in credit costs would have to be borne.

Credit comparison – 15,000 dollars credit for dentures

Credit comparison - 15,000 dollars credit for dentures

A loan of 15,000 dollars for the dentist bill roughly corresponds to the financing of a new small car. The monthly payment of installments can only cope with a very adequate household budget if the term is less than 60 months. The installment loan calculator of the special provider calculates the installment amount for a five-year term at 315 dollars per month. The APR is 9.90 percent. In total, the financing would result in 3,900 dollars in borrowing costs.

In the online loan comparison calculator, a loan of 15,000 dollars for dentures only costs 3.89 percent of the effective annual interest rate, regardless of creditworthiness. The program calculates a monthly installment of 275.05 dollars as a monthly installment with a term of 60 months. The total loan costs are shown in the loan comparison at USD 1,502.80.


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