Good Finance is a loan service owned and maintained by Finns. The loan company is a sister company of Good Finance Loan Group. Good Finance specializes in providing loan services to private and corporate clients and is one of the oldest companies in the loan industry.

Loan Products

loan Products

We rate Good Finance loan products with a rating of 7/10. The loan amounts are not so large that all loan needs can be met. In addition, the maximum loan term is 10 years, which makes borrowing big loans a bit more challenging.

There are several loan products in the service, but they are very identical. The positive thing is that all the products of the loan service are available without collateral or collateral. This allows you to apply for a loan for people who may not be able to meet the guarantor or collateral condition. For this, we give extra points in the review.

Costs and interest

Costs and interest

We estimate costs and interest at 7/10, points deducted from high account management fee and opening fee. We give extra points at a reasonable interest rate.

The interest rates on the loan service are at a reasonable level. The actual annual interest rate on the loans granted ranges from 5% to 23%, which is a favorable interest rate.

You will be charged a fee of USD 75 – 350 for opening a loan account. The amount varies with the loan amount, and with larger loan amounts, the opening fee seems high.

loan Terms

We give a loan rating of 8/10. Points will be deducted from the age limit and strict entry requirements. We give extra points for service flexibility and a fixed loan rate.

The service age limit is 20 – which is high for small loan amounts. Below the age limit, there are several people who could benefit from the opportunities offered by the service. Earnings information specifies exactly what earnings are accepted in the statement.

The service is very flexible in terms of customer needs and needs and offers many opportunities. The loan rate is tied to the contract, so it cannot change unexpectedly during the loan repayment.

Application Process

The loan application process is rated 7/10. We give points for the loan application processing speed, and service site design. We deduct points for unclear loan application planning and the mandatory use of online banking codes.

The loan application is processed quickly, even within minutes of submission. The return message will include a quote for the loan, containing all the information regarding the loan. The money is being credited to your account within minutes of accepting the offer.

It takes about 5 minutes to complete the loan application, which is surprisingly long nowadays. Loan Services has tried to make applying for a loan easy and hassle-free, which is not fully realized on the Good Finance website.


The credit rating of the Loan Company is 7.25 / 10. Well done, the loan terms have been implemented, which get a better rating for the fixed-rate and the flexibility of the loan services.

Otherwise, Good Finance is a very mediocre loan service, where no part is actually poorly managed. There is nothing particularly well done there, which is why this service is not ranked among the top contenders.